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My name is Sheldon Jones better known as Dj Graybeard. I’m a born Trinidadian who grew up in Grenada. Two islands mostly known for Soca and Calypso influenced my love for music at a very young age.

Surrounded by a few djs who allowed me to practice on their sound system and introduced me to different genre of music; I knew right away this would be my passion.

I migrated to Brooklyn New York in the year 2000 and my journey began once I linked up with my cousin who was also a dj. We started playing at private events and then clubs. That experience helped me build my stage name and exposed me to the ” Dj Life”. The first sounds I was a part of was Vital 2000 and Everest Sound Station. I am currently partnered with Pressure Point Sounds and Team Greenz. I was a radio personality on Asylum Radio for over a year and I am presently on FIVE3RADIO.COM.

With my island/New Yorker musical background I can proudly call myself a versatile dj.
Many thanks to all those who helped and nurtured my passion over the years. To all the promoters who worked with me and allowed me to showcase my talent, thank you!

Look out for me in a city/club near you. This journey is still in motion!

Music is life.
Dj Graybeard.

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